(our services are both Online and In person)

Individual Therapy

We approach therapy with an open mind, and curious empathy, as we collaboratively work with clients to tackle the needs they present. We encourage willingness to talk and genuine self reflection, as we deploy personalized treatment modalities.

Child Therapy

Through Art and Play Therapy, we facilitate children as they embark on a journey of expression and identifying their feelings.

Couple’s Therapy

We help couples build/rebuild their bond and connection by identifying their
strengths and blind spots and help improve their communication. We further offer Pre-marital
Counseling as we professionally prepare you for marital life, and support you in the parenting journey towards healthy, fulfilling, and peaceful relationships that deepen the connection between you and your children

Speaking Engagements

We tailor this to Corporate and Institution Based Trainings as customized programs specific to the needs of employees and other homogenous groups.

Not Sure What You Need?

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